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Health Benefits of kaffir lime For Beauty and Traditional Medicine

What are the Health Benefits of kaffir lime For Beauty and Traditional Medicine ?

The kaffir lime (Citrus hystrix), sometimes referred to in English as the makrut lime (see below) or Mauritius papeda, is a fruit native to tropical Asia including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. It is used in Southeast Asian cuisine and the oil from it is used in perfumery.

With an easy identification, Citrus hystrix has distinctively shaped "double" leaves with a thorny bush. The bumpy, rough green fruit is compatible to container gardens and for large garden pots. With a size ranging from approx. 4 cm (2 in) wide, they are also used as a garden shrub for home fruit production.

It is during the winter season, the fruits start to appear, they are just about 4 cm in width and dark green in color, more or less with a 4 cm width. Featuring a tuberculate and rough exterior they have a pointed tip on the stem end. The main reason of the citrus aroma is present in the outer surface because they are comprised of essential oils. The fruit, with a strong acidic flavor exudes a great sourness. The interior layer of the fruit consists of 10 to 12 segments of pulp-vesicles. The fruit when ripe turns yellowish green from dark green.

What are the Health Benefits of kaffir lime ?

Health Benefits of kaffir lime For Beauty and Traditional Medicine :
  • Water of kaffir lime is a good hair tonic for hair. Its function is not to prevent hair loss.
  • Other uses of lime water is clean the teeth and gums in order to lower the risk of gingivitis.
  • Some lotion on the market was also using lime as raw material with uses as detoxifying the body.
  • If you have stains on clothesWater of kaffir lime it can be used to remove these stains naturally.

Health Benefits of kaffir lime For Traditional Medicine :

  • Just like other citrus family, kaffir lime rich in vitamin C that can enhance the immune system.
  • Kaffir lime consumption is also associated with functions in digestion.
  • Some studies never mention that lime oil can be used as aromatherapy to relieve depression, anxiety, and fatigue.
  • Other uses of lime oil is as oil to massage the body.

Cooking with Kaffir lime

Kaffir lime is commonly used as an ingredient in the cuisines of Thailand, Malaysia, and including Indonesia. Besides the fruit, Kaffir lime leaves are also included in some culinary offerings.

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