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Health Benefits of Kecapi, Santol or cottonfruit for Beauty

What are the Health Benefits of Kecapi, Santol or cottonfruit for Beauty

Sandoricum koetjape (santol or cottonfruit) is a tropical fruit grown in Southeast Asia. The santol is believed native to former Indochina and Peninsular Malaysia, and to have been introduced into Sri Lanka, India, Borneo, Indonesia, the Moluccas, Mauritius, The Seychelles and the Philippines where it has become naturalized. It is also called Yamapi'. It is commonly cultivated throughout these regions and the fruits are seasonally abundant in the local and international markets.

Local Name :

  • Singhalese: donka, donga
  • Filipino: santol (from which the name originates)
  • Thai : krathon or sathon
  • Lanna : ma tong or ma tuen or batong
  • Malay: kecapi, kelampu, ranggu, sentul
  • French: faux mangoustanier, santol
  • Indonesian: kecapi, ketuat, sentul
  • Nigeria: Udara

Health Benefits of Kecapi, Santol or cottonfruit for Beauty

Here are some Health Benefits of Kecapi, Santol or cottonfruit for Beauty

1. Treat fever
Benefits of Santol one of them as a fever-lowering drugs. Santol fruit can be used as missiles sweat. To reduce fever using Santol fruit leaves. Boil leaves Santol fruit and drink with doses required.

2. As a remedy various stomach problems
Not only useful fruit, fruit tree roots Santol also have efficacy in treating various stomach problems. The roots of this tree contains antidiarrheal nature and can emit the gas in your stomach. In addition it can also treat abdominal pain and seizures.

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4. Strengthening the woman's body after giving birth
This is the tips that you can get from the benefits of Santol fruit. Use of Santol fruit leaves are proven to strengthen the body of a woman after the birth. The doctors even suggest there is a very potent traditional way of this.

5. Helping overcome the disease roundworms

Worm disease common in children who often play a dirty place. At meals, the worms go into the body. Most of us did underestimate this disease.

For those of you who have worms, you can use the benefits of the medicine as a Santol fruit. Santol fruit bark powder proved to be very effective to kill roundworms in the body. This method is quite traditional, but do not doubt its efficacy.

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